A social campaign from Visual Communication Design of ITHB for Kriyasana Mahasiswa Desain Grafis Indonesia (KMDGI) 2015. We want to remind people that saying thank you is a simple affection and a simple way to show our gratitudes and awereness to the people we love or to those who have supported us.
This is our 6 months of hardwork with help from our beloved lecturers and friends.
Thank you for watching!
Creative Idea by Ernest Theofilus, Philadelphia D. & team
Filmed by Harwinsyah Arif, Joshua Ivan, David Montolalu, & Ernest Theofilus
Edited by Harwinsyah Arif
Art & Booth Design by Leon Tan, Annisa R., Cindy Melinda, Leona Lysandra & team
Copywrite by Anatasia Melinda

Kasih Terima Kasih: Social Campaign