This podcast project was done during my studies at down under. As we were strongly connected to our roots, and with the limited resources to relate it back. My friend and I decided to entertain our fellow countrymen using the online medium. Hence, a Singaporean and Malaysian online podcast show was formed. We don't sell nor buy water, we just entertain.
The Number 10 Show Logo
Concept for this logo was simple and straightforward. To represent the broadcasters, like how we did when we named <The Number 10 Show>, and ourselves DJ one and MC Zero. The whole idea was to incorporate our physics and create an icon that everybody could recognize. At the same time, it convey the message of fun, electrifying, and stylish.    
Web Design
Ever since our show has stopped (due to our separate lives back home), I always wonder what if we made it big and we have our own webpage. Sounds cool, so I decided to give it a go.