Adobe asked me to be a part of their logo Remix Project creating a sculpture to live permanently in their corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. To celebrate the spirit of creativity within their community, they've invited a broad mix of creatives to reinterpret their logo. I've been creating a series of sculptures over the years entitled Spaceship Earth which pulls from the idea of our planet as personified in Epcot Center. There is something interesting to me in the way Earth has been represented in a theme park for children, built completely of past future technology out of nonorganic / man made materials. As a result, I have been creating my own versions and selecting specific materials because they are organic, basic and universally available. With the intention of elevating these basic building blocks to create something more beautiful and complex.
The above video illustrates the process of building one of these pieces. I always work on site with no prior sketch, cutting down materials and prepping them until enough square footage / pieces have been created. Then begins the process of installing. In this instance for the Adobe mark that process had to change a bit, as the mark needed to live as the central focus of the sculpture. This was definitely an interesting new challenge for me, as my sculptures are quite organic with little to no parameters. Luckily it's a rather simple mark, and I think it worked out really well! Hope you like it.
Huge thanks to the band Sandy's for letting me use their music. 

"Barnyards" by Sandy's is from the amazing album Fourth Dementia on Um Yeah Arts.
Sandy's website where you can buy their records and get tour info, or download the album on iTunes here.
The detail shots give you a better view of the variety of materials used in this particular piece. Adobe had installed vintage fruit boxes as a decorative ceiling element, all of which were sourced from local San Jose farms. I recycled some of the leftover boxes to help tie the piece into the environment as well as using remainder construction materials from the rest of the remodeling job that was ongoing. There are elements of OSB, particle board, walnut verneer, MDF, white painted ACX ply, birch ply, 2x4s, canvas drop cloth, rope & foam used.
A few images of the completed sculpture in the raw, unfinished space.
Here are a few photos of the finished space. My sculpture sits in the entryway of one of the cafeterias and leads you to an outdoor, rooftop sitting area. Their are also conference rooms overlooking the sculpture as seen in the above photo.
Some process stills working in the Adobe garage for all the prebuild and assembly, and some photos of the sculpture being installed around the taped Adobe mark. 
A different video edit from my friend, film maker Bradley Smith.
Christopher Bettig - Adobe Remix