Mother Natures Hour Glass
Time is of the Essence
Poster Heroes set a brief to design a 50x70 poster that promotes awareness, about the consumption of natural resources, below is my answer to their brief.

Unfortunately it wasn't displayed amongst the top 40, but as I have produced it I may as well put it out there for people to see.

Any feedback on this would be very much appreciated so that I can take the lessons from this one forward into the next competition I enter.

The concept is that time is running out, the effects caused by the relentless drilling of oil and our consumption of natural resources is now going to have a lasting effect upon the natural world. The oil from the top half of the hour glass is leaking down into the natural bottom half of the glass, the poisoning of marine life has already begun and the oil shows no sign of stopping.
The water level on the top half is lower than the level on the bottom half showing the time running low on the man made side and short on the natural side.
Man can no longer contain the mess we are creating and this is shown by the crack in the glass, the spilling of oil that cant/wont be controlled because of our ignorance and lack of responsibility for our actions.
The juxtaposition between the two sides of the hour glass has been enhanced by the use of the weather in both scenes as well as the frame that holds every thing together, rotting and corroding away. Barbed wire holding the frame together and death in comparison to the green vegetation on the natural side.
The light reflects mother natures response and spirit, angry towards the mess on man made issues and calmness towards the natural world.
Back ground represents the cosmos, higher powers, time and and the scale of the issue.

Hope the small essay has made it all clear.