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Krōma: Comic Anthology-Nov2015
Krōma is a full color comic anthology project, consist of three different comic titles,
created by three different artist: Ann Maulina, Mukhis Nur, and Dewitri Virika
Each edition will contains different themed story.
For the first edition (Nov 2015), the theme was "magic"
page samples here 
Book spec:
B5 size (17,6 x 25 cm)
570 gr
hard cover 
saddle stitch binding
116 color pages total:
108 pages comic
8 pages pin ups and concept arts
three comic titles
by Ann Maulina
"Rien is a mage. Just like other mages,
she was feared and discriminated by people.
But, with her husband help, she can fit herself into society as a herbalist. "
"Being a mother of two sons, Ra (6) and Ruu (5)
she have nothing more to ask for."
"But at one point,
she have to face the worst tragedy in her life--
losing her beloved husband.
Will she be able to maintain her peaceful life without him?"
by Dewitri Virika
"The war of magic from the past was over a long time ago
and all the magic skill has been locked in another world,
now people have forgotten the history of the war,
life went on as usual as if nothing that could endanger the life,
but the fact the key that can open the door to the world of magic has been lost"
"and then Racell found herself trapped in another world, then how her life now ?
or the war will happen again? "
by Mukhlis Nur
"for centuries in the land of Arcania,
a legend has been told from generation to generation;
'Deep within the ancient forest of Cernunno,
live a black evil witch who will kill anyone who entered the woods'.
But, what if, the 'legend' isn't like what people has always imagine?"
thank you!
Krōma: Comic Anthology-Nov2015

Krōma: Comic Anthology-Nov2015

Kroma is a full color comic anthology project, created by Ann Maulina, Mukhlis Nur and Dewitri Virika