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    Graphic Design 2 Academy of Art University 2011 Spring
Bookcovers Redesign
3 bookcovers from books talk about consumerism and economics
This project is from 2011 Spring in Academy of Art University
The class was Graphic Design 2

Our object is to pick a series of 3 books existed in the market, and redesign the covers,
all the three books have to be in one category

Our goal is to bring fresh look-and-feel to these bookcovers, to make them pop out from other competitors(books) in the market, while sticking to the core of the message that those books are communicating with readers

My solution was using iconography to illustrate the most popular goods consumed by Americans in U.S., each design reflects the core story of each book, such as, politics, consumer's psychology, and the consequences that over consumption has brought us. The visuals are straightfoward, combining with solid colors, it make usually complicated topics easy for regular reader to understand, yet, it separate the books from other books in same category.