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    Step by step walkthrough of my creative process as I design a "Thank You for 200 Followers" image post for my Kyle Tilley Photos Instagram accoun… Read More
    Step by step walkthrough of my creative process as I design a "Thank You for 200 Followers" image post for my Kyle Tilley Photos Instagram account. Read Less
Here is a quick walkthrough of my design process, this one focusing on the design for my Thank You add to my Instagram followers when I reached 200. Enjoy! Also follow me on Instagram @kyletilleyphotos for awesome, unique, photography and artistic editing content. 
                                   Kyle T. 
My first post design, using an original photograph (albeit somewhat skewed) of mine (Un-edited, Sun and Trees with lots of light rays+natural bokeh effect. Shot in downtown Colorado Springs) as a background. I then added the text (Font= Blackout 2AM) using Font Candy for Windows 8 on my HP Stream, utlizing blending modes to create the transparent, blue effect on the bordering. After this I applyed some light background effects. Although its a decent enough image, it just didn't have the "Pop" I was looking for and is a little too noisy (design wise) for my taste. 
The second design I made is definitely more towards what I had in mind. Starting this time with a profile picture of myself, I blended the image with another photo of mind (also de-saturated), this one of a long row of adjacent flower beds on the roadside (also shot here in Colorado Springs).I then added the text  and did a final round of blending effects to achieve the matte style seen here. Although layout wise etc.., I think this version is decent, I still wanted a little more of an attention grabbing aspect. Like with most social media feeds, it is very easy to bypass images on Instagram while scrolling. 
Now we're getting somewhere. This one defintiley has pop, that's for sure. Removing the two photos from the last add, I've replaced them with a simple background image (also an original of mine) a capture of a brick wall. After applying the text, I played around with the Font Candy  (paid version) artwork selection until grabbing one of the burst pieces. I applied the burst to the left half of the photo (and moved it back once, placing it inbetween the text and background. I then experimented with the hue (of the color white) and transfer blend mode until I achieved this effect. It pops, that's for sure and although I liike the cut out text with the silver "Chrome" coloring, the words themselves are just a tad on the hard to read size, my goal when posting text on Instagram is to have it be easy to read and understand on the fly. I still like this design a lot though and knew that staying on this path in terms of basic layout ideas would probably lead me to a finished piece that I felt good about. 
My second choice for the final design. Looking at it again I actually realize that I like this version quite a bit better than the one I ended up using. Its clean, clear and I love the simple, two tone look. The only change I would make is to take the eraser effect to the burst "rays as it passes over the text so that it appears as if it is only passing through the open areas not the opaque one's as well. Still, its a nice design. I will most likely use it for another Instagram milestone in the future. 
The final image which was used for the add itself. A faiirly slight alteration to the image before it. I simply overlayed (behind the text and burst graphic) a stenciled outline of my standard Kyle Tilley Photography logo Although on close inspection I really like this piece, as I said before Instagram or at least marketing on Instagram is much more about the quick glance than anything else. Still, it's a decent image and at the end of the day I don't see any unforgivable issues with it. 
Thanks for your time! I'm going to attempt to post more of these step by step walkthroughs of my design process as I think they are very helpful in taking a more objective look at my own work. Thoughts, comments etc... are always apprieciated. 
                                                                                                                                              -Kyle T.