“I have had the pleasure of working with Simone for the past 6 weeks.
I can not say enough about the high quality work she does and the attention you get. When you engage Simone for a project, you have access to a highly creative professional who will go that extra mile for you. She takes the time to understand your business and provide you with amazing solutions.”
- Paula Dias, owner - Grandpa Joel's Coffee.

The Challenge:​
When I was approached by a third generation family of beer producers, I knew the new coffee flavored beers were going to take Brazil by storm. My challenge was to take their vision and make it bigger than they could imagine. Make it something bold and outstanding.

Working with two basic concepts, amazing beer and the name 'Grandpa Joel's', I set off to brainstorming. I imagined a story about the little town where the coffee is produced. In this town, surrounded by mountains, you find fields and fields of coffee. From there, capturing the fun and adventure of infusing coffee into beer. For this project, my favorite part was working on a lot of lettering studies.

The vintage look guided my focus for creating a warm, approachable label identity. This was accomplished by using a warm color palette, hand made typography, and organic graphic treatments in the logo. Coffee details fed the design of supporting accoutrements throughout the label.

The frame around the logo is coffee plant and you can find coffee beans on the top of the glass and bottle cap. The goal was to reinforce the coffee flavor in the little details.

Brand identity ideation and packaging designer
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