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    Series of campaigns done in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz 125 years of automotive excellence.
Inspiring The Next 125
Mercedes-Benz Singapore
In conjunction with celebrating 125 years of innovation, Mercedes-Benz Singapore ran a series of digitally led campaigns through out 2011 with "Inspiring The Next 125" as an underlining strategy direction.

*Please note that the ideas shown are pitched to the client but not its entirety was produced due to budget constrains and timing. The ideas are however copyrighted by its intended use.
First Thoughts
A web-based idea curator that question the driver of today, how they saw the car of tomorrow. This age old question has haunted everyone since art classes was introduced into the mainstream curriculum of the education system. Though we are more than a decade into the year 2000 and no flying cars in sight, we however gathered some rather intriguing suggestions of what the car of the future should be. 
125 Collections
A phone application that allows the user to digitally collect innovation cards through out the island of Singapore. Using maps and the GPS in the smart phone, they can locate each unique card that dispenses Mercedes-Benz innovation contents that is coupled with some of the most iconic cars ever build in the course of the 125 years by Mercedes-Benz. Users that collected all 125 unique cards in their application will generate a code that will be used to redeem a special token in the Mercedes-Benz showroom.
125 Print Launch