The Subway Types
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The idea was to create a package containing prominent tagstyles of graffiti strongholds like New York, Berlin and Paris. Shik (New York), Deon (Paris) and Etan (Berlin) came together to show the typical tagstyles of their metropole. The fonts were digitized, spaced, kerned and programmed by Hannes von Döhren (HVD Fonts)
The Subway Types are highly equipped. Each one consists of 4 alphabets (Uppercase, Lowercase, Small Caps & Swash). They also include ligatures and some specials like underlines and a huge range of accents for a wide language support. With the OpenType technology these features can be applied easily. In addition to that we designed the Subway Extras including drips, splatters, underlines and more. How to create good tags? Here you can download the Tutorial
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