Design for social causes
Marco L
Some graphic works designed for the 5th edition of the Good50x70 social poster contest

Feelings? They don't have prejudices!

I used a mouse who loves a computer mouse as a message of freedom to love. 
Against all forms of prejudice and homophobia,  against all the bigoted people.
Refugees - Do you think it's just a movie - Right to life!

Refugees: in every sinking ship there are people like you who are dying.
They are not actors who are starring in a news program.

"Before we packed our bags
And left all this behind us in the dust,
We had a place that we could call home,
And a life no one could touch"
(Rise Against)

US health care system

If you do not have an insurance you can not be cured, even if you're going to die.
But in some cases we can provide you a free dose, even if you are not sick and do not need it.

This is DemoCrazy!
S.M.K.O.E - Smoke knocking you down

How many times have you said  "This is my last cigarette...i swear it!" ?
Smoke consume yourself day after day.
The cigarette is not the only thing that burns. For every breath of smoke that you inhale, the smoke slowly consumes and burns you.
Consequences of nuclear power

I used the "gender symbols", male and female, to explain the consequences of the people contaminated by nuclear radiation.

How to get rid of radioactive waste?

Design for social causes

Design for social causes

Some poster for social design comunication

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