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    warli koliwada fisher man's village documentary photoshoot
Kolis - They are the aboriginal inhabitants of the Maximumcity i.e. Mumbai. They are interspersed in the city for ages and are yet almostunknown to its citizens and unnoticed by enthusiastic tourists visiting thecity. Although the city of Mumbai keeps spiraling into an ultra modern luxuryhub, none of its citizens whether the ones living here or the ones migrated havebeen able over shadow the charm of these aboriginal inhabitants of the islandcity.
Most Mumbaikar’s (as the citizens of the Mumbai city arecalled) can experience the Koli’s ephemeral presence during their early morning visits to the fish marketsor in the local trains, but soon see them ebb into the city’s multitude. Theirpresence is like sugar mixed in water. One needs to actually be among them totaste their sweet presence. Their aura can only be experienced by living withthem in their heartland called the “Koliwada”. That’s what Amey Kadam hasventured into and expressed through this project. He lived among these Kolis,worked hard to get accepted by them and then captured their radiance with hissublime dexterity over “documentary photography”
Ameya’s focus in thisproject is their paradoxical effort to maintain the aboriginal sanctity of the Koliculture in an ultra modern city and yet the ubiquitous adoption of thecosmopolitan and modern ideals in their day to day lives. Ameya also capturestheir awe inspiring ability to maintain harmony inspite of their religiousdiversity. His each frame in this project has a vivid amalgamation of a routinepicture captured with a dramatic perspective.