We Are Explorers
Levis's very own dENiZEN approached Republic Shanghai to create motion package for their brand new show called "We Are Explorers" ( http://www.denizen.com/explorers/ )

They provided us with some overall information about the project and gave us this nice logo:
Based on that I created quick tests of possible visual/conceptual directions:
They really liked first and second picture. They also wanted to include iconic landmarks of countries they were about to travel to. Mayan pyramids of Mexico, Great Wall of China and Taj Mahal of India.

I designed and modeled those:
Next we decided it is a bit risky to involve any kind of animated charters in project due to very short production time available. So I suggested we let letters from logo do all the acting.

Next I designed some additional stuff to cover landscape with and to be used in end tags animations. Here are some examples:

And here is THE FINAL result: 
ENDTAG Shanghai - China
(Jeans meets katana)
ENDTAG Yannan - China
(Jeans meets Chinese minority dancers)
ENDTAG Playa - Mexico 
(Jeans meets parachutes) 
ENDTAG Mumbai - India 
(Jeans meets Bollywood)
ENDTAG Mexico City - Mexico
(Jeans meets famous pointed boots)
ENDTAG Jodhpur - India
(Jeans meets camel polo)
ENDTAG Jaimpur - India
(Jeans meets paint festival)
ENDTAG Guadalajara - Mexico
(Jeans meets bulls)
ENDTAG Great Wall - China
(Jeans meets back horse riding and archery) 
ENDTAG Goa - India
(Jeans meets rave party)
ENDTAG Chichen - Mexico
(Jeans meets Mayan fire hockey)
ENDTAG Beijing - China
(Jeans meets rock concert)
(Jeans meets Internet)

Took me 5 days to create 90% of work and another 5 days to polish things up and finish endtags. I want to thank Republic ( http://www.republicstudios.tv/ ) and Levi's Denizen ( http://www.denizen.com/explorers ) for this project,  It was great pleasure and loads of fun!

P.S. Soundtrack by "Kasabian - Velociraptor"

Thank you for watching, please do come back to see my next project.
We Are Explorers

We Are Explorers

Project about travels and jeans, jeans and travels.


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