In May 2015, Universal Music Brasil promoted parties to celebrate Mumford & Sons's new album "Wilder Mind". I was asked to lead the project's art direction, also to build a website and design memorabilia items.
The project was named "Mumford On The Road" and in addition to the main logo, I designed badges for each stopover using pre-made illustrations (which I owned licenses for). Because the parties took place in different cities around the country, I decided to use visual elements connected to these places.
The memorabilia was created to promote both the "Mumford On The Road" parties and the "Wilder Mind" album, included a t-shirt, button badges, posters and display banners.
The last stage of this project was a website displaying all pieces of information about the parties, as well promoting the album selling links.

Beyond designing the screens for both desktop and mobile versions, I also coded this website using HTML, CSS and jQuery plugins, including one to display pictures tagged with a specific hashtag from Instagram's public feed.