Written by M.A. White
Cover design by Alper Özgün Yeşil
When we started to talk about the book with Mr. White – the author of the book, it was just a “simple” layout work.
The author was thinking of using an abstract painting on the cover. A delicious Chuck Stern work.
- To reach the other works of the artist:  chucksternart.com - 
"Small Revelations" by Chuck Stern (40 x 30)
From Collection of P. Sugar
While continuing the layout work and reading the book, I started to draw sketches to discover the potential routes of the artwork. I tried to lex this abstract drawing out of shape to make it a little more concrete and expressive.  
After we got satisfied with one of the sketches, I started to generate the final visual.
Bonus Content

FTL is a company that generally deals with apps and R&D works. This book is a first publishing experience for them. So I made a humble, proper change on their logo.
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