3M Tekk Protection Products Debut
Someone is counting on your safety.
Many people don’t think their “project” is big enough to require using safety gear. By becoming safety advocates and reminding consumers that every home improvement project has some risk, 3M can change this mindset.

Societal norms can convince people to change their behavior. By treating awareness and advocating better safety habits, putting safety first becomes second nature.

Mom has always been the guardian of health and safety. 3M wants to help mom by giving her the information, the facts and the tools she needs to keep her family safe.

Today’s DIYers want to be like the pros, and be perceived as experts. 3M can help the consumer be the expert by providing useful information that portrays us as the expert and leader that we are. 3M understands the importance of being advocates for safety and providing consumers with the information and products they need to be safe. Because no matter if they’re a DIYer or pro, and no matter how big or small their job,
someone is counting on their safety, and that’s what they need to know.

With the unveiling of 3M's new product line, what better way to get it out to the public than by starting that initial engagement and conversation for advocacy at the Store Manager level. The yearly National Hardware Trade Show will allow for a complete overview and education on how DIY and hardware stores can boost their sales through a fully integrated program developed by the leaders of product development for the DIY and Pro level markets. A sophisticated brand voice, strategy and visual aesthetic was created for the new category: 
3M Tekk Safety Products.