Watercolor illustrations for two different projects.
The first project is related to milk products and it has been commissioned by a french organic brand.
The second one is named "The Art of Plating".
It refers to food as a form of high art - utilizing form, color, and texture to tell a story and evoke emotions.
Each illustration is the result of a collaboration with a food lover or a professional chef.
Organic milk products
Yaourt au lait de brebis / Yoghurt with sheep milk
Fromage de chèvre / Goat Cheese
Yaourt au lait de vache / Yoghurt with cow milk
Work in progress
Octopus, potato, caviar - a recipe by the chefs Alex Edmonson and Sean MacDonald
Blueberry pancakes - a recipe by Lena Haas
Deconstructed bruschetta salad - a recipe by royalebrat
Sourcream rhubarb cupcakes - a recipe by Linda Lomelino