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Samsung Galaxy 8 concept

I like the last style of last Samsung phone, and I love that direction of display technology. Unfortunately Samsung still has an old logotype that doesn't fit to today's design of devices by my opinion.
It's just my vision of next gen Galaxy. Like in 2014 concept i8
Some of renders without Photoshop
141.0 mm 
72.0 mm 
6.8 mm
My project in 2013 year - redesign Samsung logo here
Thanks for coloboration in promotion
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lines construction
In my concept smartphone doesn't has multi-connector or any holes for connectors, to charge battery or connect to PC.
For charge battery there are two ways:

1. Charge station (technology nowadays)
2. Charge translator (technology of tomorrow) (hello from Nikola Tesla from 1893)
1. Charge station
2. Charge translator
Like WiFi - but electricity
Main image
For main image I took image of Galaxy IC 335 discovered in 2014 - 60 million light years away
Have a nice day )))
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Samsung Galaxy 8 concept


Samsung Galaxy 8 concept

Concept Samsung Galaxy 8