For Lot, Stock and Barrel - Arts District - L.A.
Shot in Mayfair, London for British Barbers Association
The Kid, The Dog, and a Barber. Shot in Amsterdam - full album out soon!
Ben Heath for Shiner Gold in Las Vegas at sunset with the strip in the background!
Shot In Lisbon for The Lisbon Connection
Pulp Fiction vibes with the renound barber, Donnie Hawley, and his crew of barbers Costa Mesa, California!
The Shiner Gold crew with their T-bird in Las Vegas.
Ricki Hall shot in Rotterdam for Captain Fawcett
Wheels and Waves - Imagine standing here but add the roar of  bike engines, screech of rubber and the smell of grease and petrol.
Behind the scenes of the Lisbon Connection, me and Sven having a team talk.
Ive done lots of photoshoots this year of groups of people, but this is the biggest group of people I've shot and it was in the smallest place I've ever photographed! 

We shot it in Cafe de Dokter, which is one of the oldest pubs in Amsterdam and the smallest, which is saying something for Amsterdam! When the place is full there is only room for 15 people.

For - Oriental Jazzband
The splendid Eric Dewinter for Captain Fawcett
The one and only Schorem Barbershop with Bobbie Bones
Modern day cowboys! The Lisbon Connection.
New York Barbershop - putting the finishing touches to a mutache curl
Wheels and Waves, Biarritz 2015
Ricki Hall in Schorem Barbers
Shiner Gold T-Bird in Vegas!
Ricki Hall shot for Captain Fawcett
Proper Barbershop - Denver Colorado - for my BarberLife USA series.
Max - The alfa male at Stay Gold Barbershop - California
Having a laugh while shooting with Ricki Hall for Captain Fawcett
Lousy Lau and Danny the Dog for Shorem Barbershop
Vintage bikes at Wheels and Waves Biarritz 2015
Me the night before my Mayfair shoot in London for BBA
Boys will be boys - The Lisbon Connection
The Mayfair shoot in London for BBA
Wheels and Waves Biarritz 2015
Me and Ricki Hall dropped in on Schorem Barbers on the hottest day of the yeat. Their strict dress code of shirt and ties had been relaxed this day!
These Vans shoes were part of the bike. They were glues down to make the saddle!
Fabian Garcia from Schorem Haarsnijder En Barbiershot for Movember.
Wheels and Waves Biarritz 2015
You know, carrying a camera bag is heavy enough without having to deal with tired kids.
I was invited to photograph Chief Judge Gerald Rosen of Michigan whilst in Detroit last year. Judge Rosen is the top legal official in Detroit. He oversees 5 courthouses and is superior to all 25 judges in Michigan.

He has worked on many high profile cases including the first post-9/11 terrorism trial.

I got on really well with the Judge. We talked about music. He asked me about Liverpool and I asked him about Bob Dylan in the 60s!

After he showed us his private chambers he invited us to look around his courtroom. On one of the tables there was a piece of rolled up tissue paper. It looked strange; out of place on the highly polished wooden bench! I asked why it was there. Judge Rosen’s mood changed and he became more sombre. He glanced down at the floor (as if the gesture signalled a change in the conversation) then looked me back in my eye. “I passed a sentence 2 hours ago. The tissue is from the tears of the defendant after I sent him to jail”. The judge told me he was a high profile doctor who had been convicted of fraud.
The 2 cleanest and best smelling models Ive ever photographed ;) 
Proper Barbershop Denver - Barberlife USA
Serously powerful and vintage bike porn at Wheels & Waves
Dora the dog was so at home in Barber shop Amsterdam. As soon as she saw the couch - she was alseep.
Wheels And Waves 2015
Everybody on the shoot stared with jealous eyes at these vintage Red Wing Shoes
Ben Heath - in Las Vegas for Shiner Gold with a very very impressive beard!
Lot, Stock and Barrel Vintage Denim Life!
The LC
Best of 2015

Best of 2015

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