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    Identity design for the Bass Pro Shops
Bass Pro Shop
Identity_2 /// Fall 2011 
Choose an existing company and redesign their entire product image and identity system. This can be a clothing company, a fishing gear manufacturer, or a supermarket. The choice is yours. Guided by your knowledge and information that you learn in your research phase, you will develop a new visual identity system.   
Hunting and camping are things I don't relate to or participate in and the idea of killing animals for fun made me uncomfortable. I soon learned that the outdoor activities I had described as barbaric were just a way for people to bond with friends and family, be in the great outdoors, and express our natural human instincts, while also containing animal overpopulation. This new knowledge lead me to design an insignia that would evoke those good memories my target audience experienced wherever they spotted the mark.
Concept: trophy plaque