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    Proposal video commercial
My friend Jordan recently decided to propose to his girlfriend Ashley and wanted a way to capture the moment. I suggested that the best way was to find a way to make having the camera around part of the process. We both really liked the work of Brian Lagerhausen for FitBit with "In the Running" commercial spot so we decided to fool Ashley by staging a film shoot aimed at reproducing the same plot - "Guy sees girl and gets in better shape to pursue a relationship with her". Since both of them are very active (crossfit and weight-lifting) it fit their relationship perfectly.

So we convinced her that I needed talent for a fitness shoot to enter into a film competition. We were able to shoot in a crossfit gym and staged it as a real production. Finally the last shot was scripted as the "couple" holding hands and walking away from the gym and we pretended we we're having issues in order to catch her off guard. Jordan pulls out the ring and this is the result. 

Camera - Canon 5D Mk III
Edited - Premiere Pro
Sound Design - Audition
Color/Compositing - AfterEffects

Thanks to:
David Hyatt for helping with compositing
Ronny Nause assisting with gear
The full verison including his introduction and the proposal itself.