The New Year is around the corner and couldn’t be a better time to showcase our latest piece — a holiday greeting card commissioned by The New World School of the Arts based in Miami, Florida. 
The challenge was to design a card with a low budget and creative card suited for all audiences. 
In the age of the computer, we decided to leave behind the pixels for a moment and veered towards hand-lettering and paper, exploring how graphic design could work as an interactive and three dimensional medium. We created a mural installation and documented for video and print purposes. Ah yes, the return of craft.
365. We all know this number.
The number that symbolizes how we measure the years in our lives.
The number that makes us look back and reflect on our accomplishments, goals, and experiences.
There is beauty in that idea, so we took hold of it. First, we transformed foam into a hand-made countdown timer. Symbolizing the idea of the clock resetting for the New Year and the upcoming 365 days.
The holiday card is also interactive, as we left black spaces to be filled by the recipient.
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The idea of NEW year and NEW resolutions go hand in hand with the name of the school
The NEW World School of the Arts.

May the Next 365 days be filled with

New beginnings

New adventures
New _________!