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    Stop fireworks on New Years Eve 2015/2016
http://www.petaasia.com/ Posted on 27 December 2015 at 12:00AM by Nirali Shah
To dogs, cats, and other animals, New Year’s Eve can seem more like World War III than a joyous celebration. The numerous fireworks displays that set the sky alight can make this night terrifying and even dangerous for animals. Many companion animals are afraid of thunderstorms, and fireworks are similar, with their loud bangs and bright flashes of light.
Dogs and cats left outside or home alone may go to extreme lengths to escape the explosions. Some end up hit by cars or killed in other ways as they flee. They may also injure themselves or others in their panic and terror—particularly if they are tied up or caged.
Wild animals are also vulnerable during fireworks displays, not only because of the high levels of stress that such displays may cause but also because fireworks that explode near them may injure or kill them. Those who are rearing their young may abandon them to starve to death in order to flee for their own lives.