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    Realtime A/V set for fulldome projection
I’ve been working on this Audiovisual show, consisting on realtime visuals with live music. After i visited buzludzha, I’ve become really amazed about the dome structures, specially this abandoned one. The feeling of an out of time, collapsed futuristic structure, where the perception of this acoustic-visual design, with its own logic, makes history gets mixed with imagination, Our senses are guided through geometric abstractions, applied in architectural rules.
This year I ended up working on a fulldome projection system, during the whole project, I managed to adapt the content for a fulldome version and try it there.
A lot of the scenes made where really inspired by the feeling of being on this abandoned, collapsing dome, Buzludzha, where debris, void and time, redefine the structure, similar to a living system, interacting with the enviroment and all the agents surrounding.