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    Voltaires välkända politiska satir Candide sätts här upp som en sprakande musikteaterföreställning men specialskriven musik, dans och sång

Camilla Eriksson, Svante Back, Maja Christenson, Ana Stanisic, Daniel Ohlsson, Joakim Thelin, Karin Franz Körlof, Razmus Nystrom, Simon Olsson, Axel Rydén, Adriana Aburto Essén, Ellen Gehlin, Emma Roswall, Isabell Westerlund, Josephine Dahl, Ellinor Göransson

Choreography: Ellinor Göransson

Music: Jack Elz, Sara Elz, Bill Nystedt

Makeup, Mask Design: Josefine Larsen, Lina Nyberg

Props, graphic artists Stefan Askernäs

Costume: Kajsa Gustavsson, Ellen Eklöf

Producer: Riccard Slettengren, Adriana Aburto Essén

Dramaturgy: Emma Bexell

Directed by Stefan Stanisic, Fredrik Gustafsson

There is a preconception that youth theater has to be small, intimate and inexpensive. But by the show Candide, young artists do something they rarely are given the opportunity to. Here, the theater grand and epic.

Are all created for the best of purposes, and we live truly in the best of worlds?

Candide is the story of a young German nobleman, educated to be a true optimist, who falls in love with the Baron Thunder-ten-Trunckhs daughter Kunigunda. As punishment he was exiled from his native Westphalia. At the same tim the Barons family get attaced by Bulgarians and the ones not killed scatter throughout the world. Blinded by his love, Candide travels around the continents to search for his Kunigunda. During the trips, he sees war, natural disasters, racism, and friends who are brutally murdered, and he begins to question the optimism, the ideology in which he was educated.

The political satire in Candide remains as relevant today as it was yesterday. By moving the text to our day, we want to show that optimism goes a long way, but that it loses its force without action. Therefore, we have gathered a large group of young actors, musicians, makeup artist, dancers, directors, set designers, choreographers and mask designers from several young, independent groups in Stockholm. This time we will make a massive theater with dance, song, live music, stage combat, and more. Our ambition is to be seen and heard.