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    Logo redesign for all the Venezuelan Basketball League teams. Rediseño de logotipo para todos los equipos de la Liga Profesional de Baloncesto de… Read More
    Logo redesign for all the Venezuelan Basketball League teams. Rediseño de logotipo para todos los equipos de la Liga Profesional de Baloncesto de Venezuela. Read Less
This was a personal project I started on November 2015. The goal was to redesign the logos of all the teams that participate on the LPB (Liga Profesional de Baloncesto, which is the professional basketball league in Venezuela). And I wanted to do it in 10 days, which means that I couldn't spend more than one day in each one of this logos. I was in the proccess of moving to another country when I started this, so I couldn't do the 10-day run that I had in mind at first. But I sticked to my "one day, one logo" rule, and although this logos weren't made in 10 straight days, I just spend a total of 10 days doing these.
If you click here you can see a picture with all the original logos, so you can decide if I really improved any of them.
Este es un proyecto personal que empecé en noviembre del 2015. El objetivo era rediseñar los logos de todos los equipos que participan en la LPB, que es la Liga Profesional de Baloncesto de Venezuela. Y quería hacerlo en 10 días, lo cual quiere decir que no podía pasar más de un día trabajando en cada uno de estos logos. Cuando empecé con este reto estaba bastante ocupado (mudnándome a otro país), así que no pude finalizarlo en 10 días seguidos. Pero me mantuve fiel a la regla de "un día, un logo", y a pesar de que no fueron seguidos, sólo dediqué un total de 10 días a este proyecto.
Si haces clic aquí, podrás ver una imagen con todos los logos originales, para que tú mismo decidas si realmente mejoré alguno de ellos.
Bucaneros de La Guaira (La Guaira Buccaneers). This team uses a buccaneer as their logo, but it looks way too cartoony. So I decided to make a more serious buccaneer.
Trotamundos de Carabobo (Carabobo Globetrotters). This team in particular has such an iconic logo that I didn't wanted to make major changes to it.
Gaiteros del Zulia (Zulia Gaiteros?). The "gaita" is a Venezuelan musical genre that originated in Zulia state, which is also known as "La Tierra del Sol Amada" ("The Beloved Land of the Sun"), because of its hot weather. And Zulia is also the home of the biggest lake in Venezuela (Maracaibo Lake), and there's a really famous bridge that was built over that lake to connect the east side of Zulia with its capital: Maracaibo. This logo represents the first two things you'll notice if you ever go to Maracaibo: the iconic General Rafael Urdaneta bridge, and the burning sun.
Guaros de Lara (Lara Guaros). The "guaro" was a specie of bird that used to live in Lara State. They're extinct now, but its name's still alive, because it is used as a noun to refer to people that were born in Lara.
Gigantes de Guayana (Guayana Giants). I wanted to highlight two of the most representative aspects of this region of Venezuela: the gold, and the Angel Falls. Bolívar State (which is part of Guayana) has the biggest gold mines of the country, and the Angel Falls are the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall, so I thing these two things deserved a spot here.
Panteras de Miranda (Miranda Panthers). The original logo of this team already features a front facing panther, but it just doesn't look fierce nor strong. So I made an angrier looking panther.
Guaiqueríes de Maragarita (Margarita Guaiqueries). The "guaiqueríes" are Indian American ethnic group located in Margarita Island, Venezuela. I wanted took the basic idea of the original logo (a ball with a feather crown) and added some more character to it.
Marinos de Anzoátegui (Anzoátegui Marineers). This team recently went through a rebranding, but since I saw the logo I thought it was way to busy and overwhelming, because it had a lot of unnecesary elements, colors and textures. I made my own version, which I truly think it's way more clean, simple and effective.
Toros de Aragua (Aragua Bulls). I left this one at the end to say something that made me really mad. While I was at the research stake, I found out that Toros' logo is a rip-off. They took the bull from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and the "T" from the South Florida University. It's sad to see that a "professional" basketball team doesn't take its own image seriously, and preffers to stole logos from the internet, instead of hiring a good graphic designer.
I made my own bull. Nothing really mind-blowing about it, but I wanted to raise awareness about this really unprofessional route that some new teams are taking when they're in the need for a logo.