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Jack Gentempo: Man of His Time.
My name is Jack Gentempo. Gentempo (gen as in gentleman, and tempo, as in time), literally translates to: Man of His Time. Below is a collection of all the pictures, projects and experiences I have drawn from my time thus far and hopfully, an inkling of what is yet to come. Please enjoy.
My Internship
A PSA I made to promote the internship opportunities at my local public access station.
      Maine Street Adventures - Promo
Above is the promo for one of my most ambitious film projects to date: a six episode season of a public access show called Maine Streey Adventures. 
   Song For Little Sparrow - Music Video
My entry into the Screen and Sound video competition. Music: Song For Little Sparrow written by the Polish composer Abel Korzeniowski.
"Hello Jack, I really enjoyed watching your film! It really builds tension until the very end. Thank you for choosing my music...
wishing you best,
-Abel Korzeniowski
Community Garden - Soil Video
An apocolypitic themed PSA made during my volunteer time at the Alan Day Community Garden.
Maine Outdoor Film Festival - Finalist
 This is my finalist submission into The Maine Outdoor Film Festival (MOFF)
Fun Fact: I missed my opportunity to be honored on stage as one of the top ten Maine Outdoor Film Festival finalist for my survival video, because I was getting a crepe at the time they called my name. I asked for a chocolate crepe and I recieved cinnamon, but it was still good.
Off The Tracks
Off The Tracks is a short film that I directed while attending Southern Maine Community College. It screened at the 2018 Maine Mayhem Film Festival.
Bike Share PSA
Witness the story of Bicycle; a story that I had the pleasure of documenting, while working with a local non-profit called CEBE.
American Sleep Medical Foundation 
- Grand Prize Winner
My entry into the 2014 American Sleep Medical Foundation's (ASMF) national video competition. It was later chosen as the grand prize winner.
Self produced commercial for an experimental new product.
        Promotional Voting Posters
Here are some posters I created for video competitions that involved public voting.
Preservation Campaign Video
A video that I produced for the Western Foothills Landtrust Indigogo Campaign.
National Commercial Spot - (Opening Shot - Boy in Pajamas)
This commercial spot resulted from sending in a few of my home movies during a nationwide McDonald talent search. I play the boy in pajamas, waking up from a long night in the lean-to fort behind me.
Hoop Girl
A video I produced for a local performing artist, who is also my sister.
Stem Saves The Day
My entry in the 2014 Stem Voice video competition. It recieved 4th place and a fiffty doallar Apple gift card, perhaps I will be able to afford some headphones.
Geology Presentation
A video to accompany my slideshow during my final presentation in Physical Geology.
The Bottle McStealy Twins
An M' iMovie Film Festival award winning short film that I directed. Take an in-depth look at the gritty reality of the bottle thug life style.
A Bit of Vaudeville
This is a compilation of several different times I preformed my originall Cane Dance Routine. I have always been interested in circus performance and love choreographing with different performers over the summer. The performances in this video are from a street festival, a multimedia circus performance at a campground, a fairground, and a high school talent show.
Sign Off
My early attempts at flight.
I found myself on stage and on the page.
Jack Gentempo: Man of His Time.

Jack Gentempo: Man of His Time.

A menagerie of Jack Gentempo's projects.