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    postcards for an aid organisation to actively involve the user.
Concept and design postcard and stickers for  Involve Yourself- an Norwegian organisation which has the aim to engage and involveyouth in causes as human rights and injustice. The aim of the postcards is that they will involve people actively in thecampaign they are launching now. In a brainstorm we came up with thefollowing:

Speech bubbles inspired by the Bubble Project of Ji LeeSeveral texts of the involve yourselfcampaign are placed in the bubble, hoping to raise awareness about the  problems we have at this moment and to act now. FACE IT.
This I promise card hopes toencourage people to make a pledge, which can be big or small. So forinstance: “I promise to be nicer to my little sister” or “I promise toturn off the light when I leave a room” or “I promise to do communitywork at..” etc.The thought behind these postcards is tomake the users think and reflect in a playful way:the users will writethe promise at the spot and address it to themselves. Involve Yourselfwill send the postcard a year later, reminding you of your engagement!

front side
back side
For this card the concept is that thewriter/sender asks an artist (4 famous Norwegian singers) to includehis/her sentence in the artist’s new song to support human rights. Thesentence will be written on the front side of the card.The artists don’t know about this!! So thesenders are contributing sentences and asking the singer to write asong with him/her. I am very curious for the results, but I think thisis a perfect interface, to engage the individual - and the idol asambassador for the cause - in a larger dialogue.How cool is it if you can write a song together with your idol, which supports an important cause!?!To make it playful for user and receiver, the text above is added vertically in the middle of the card.

We used the same concept for King Harald,only here the sender sends in a new years resolution/suggestion for theKing’s New Year’s speech. Again creating an interface between theindividual and authority.
Another suggestion for the postcard, but not chosen. The concept was perhaps to vague for the user
another suggestion for a postcard, which was also not chosen. On the back side of the card it said:
It is your right to smile!
Use it actively the next hour, by smiling to everyone you see.