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    A set of drawings used in second language acquisitions experiments.
 — Stimuli Images —
I had a unique opportunity to take on a long-term project with the Linguistics Department of KU where I was hired to create images based on stories that were provided to me.  These images involved a cast of characters who were in the midst of doing various situations.  The images would later be used in experimental testing to aid the department of second language acquisition.  I got to work directly with Dr. Alison Gabriele on this project and got to also correspond with her colleague, Mamori Hughes who lives and also teaches in Japan.  
Here is an explanation of the project and how it will be used in the second language acquisition experimental process which was provided by Dr. Gabriele:
"These pictures were designed for a linguistics experiment on the interpretation of sentences in Japanese. The goal of the experiment is to see whether second language learners of Japanese have the same intuitions as Japanese native speakers. The participants listen to very short stories which accompany these pictures and then are asked to decide if sentences in Japanese are compatible with the story. The stories manipulate completion. Some show stories in which the event is complete while others show events that are incomplete. The pictures are crucial to conveying the level of completion of each story."
Initially I had to develop a cast of 10 characters who would be featured in these stories.  Here is the cast line up and all of their names:
In total I completed 160 individual images (each part of a set of 4 and each set making up one story)  Here they all are in order form start to finish in which I completed them (dont worry, I combined them all into sets so you wont have to scroll through 160 images):
— Stories 1 through 10 —
— Stories 11 through 20 —
 — Stories 21 through 30 —
— Filler Images —
For more information about the project or the expirements and research it will be used for you can contact Dr. Alision Gabriele at the University of Kansas by email at: