Random Access, Rayna Gilman
30" x 23.5"

Random Access, Detail View
Vortex 2, Barbara James
44" X 50"
Vortex 2, Detail View
Chroma Collection 1, Sue Copeland Jones
44" X 29"
Chroma Collection 1, Detail View
Art You Red-y?, Catherine Kirsch
16" X 83" 
Are You Red-y?, Detail View
Manuscript 1, Judy Langille
16" X 26"
Manuscript 1, Detail View
Manuscript 2, Judy Langille
15" X 26"
Manuscript 2, "Detail View
Continuum 20, Joy Nebo Lavrencik
30" X 36"
Continuum, Detail View
Her Tapestry, Mary Ellen Latino
30" X 60"
Her Tapestry, Detail View
No More War, Pricilla Smith
35" X 28"
No More War, Detail View
Last Nerve, Maggie Weiss
42" X 68"
Last Nerve, Detail Shot
Woven Traditions II, Mary Vaneecke
30" X 33"
Woven Traditions II, Detail View
Half-Light Fading, Connie Tiegel
42" X 47"
Half-Light Fading, Detail View
Autumn Revernce, Jo Nebo Lavrencik
24" X 24"
Autumn Reverence, Detail View
Focal Point, Russ Little
43.5" X 50"
Focal Point, Detail View
Blooming in Purple, Jeanne Marklin
23.5" X 51"
Blooming in Purple, Detail View
Out Of The Blue, Barbara Schneider,
53" x 58"
Out Of The Blue, Detail View
Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 5,  Barbara Schneider
37" X 51" - two panels
Line Dance, Tree Ring Patterns, var. 5, Detail V
Anything Goes

Anything Goes

An exhibition created by the members of the ArtCloth Nework


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