The Modular Piano
While programming my first library I ran into the need to have an acoustic piano sound. Since I don't have a real piano to sample, I decided to synthesize it from scratch using "traditional" subtractive synthesis technique. This is my first good result and has been achived only by using basic oscillators, filters and so on. The only downside is the limited polyphony due to heavy CPU usage so I sampled almost every key and mapped them into a sampler in order to make this sound more usable.
The Modular Piano - Alpha stage - Reaktor version
Here is a video that show the sound of earlier version of this instrument. This is just Reaktor, without further processing.
Midi file provided by Purgatory Creek
Modular piano by Luca Capozzi - 2009

The Modular Piano Mk I (Kontakt)
A first Kontakt library version has been released back on 2010, featuring a main instrument with some variations, a script for controlling the timbre dynamics and one for fine tuning of each string.
The Modular Piano Mk II (Kontakt)
After some months of heavy work, this piano has been furtherly evolved with some advanced features, and published under Audiority brand. I was able to emulate an acoustic piano, a dulcimer (both in digital and real analogue synths) and the classic "analog piano" sound. Check out The Modular Piano on Audiority.
Luca Capozzi - 2009-2013