Dulcinea 8° Concurso Internacional Francisco Mantecon
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    Dulcinea, finalist at 8° Concurso Internacional de Cartelismo Publicitario Francisco Mantecon
Poster selected between the finalists of the International Biennial Poster Design Terras Gauda – Francisco Mantecón Competition 2009.
Realized during the annual course of “Design to the visual communication” at Politecnico, it was my first opportunity to design something real and to join a
competition. I have a strong, beautiful relationship with this poster: it reminds me how hard and how satisfying is spending all your energy on something
you love.
Have you ever heard about Don Quixote and his love for Dulcinea? 
Sensually, Dulcinea invited a fashionable target to drink a toast with her.
Fine, minimal, harmonious, her posh shape reminds a bottle: the 3d soft element suggests an elegant dance step.

Here she is! -> http://www.franciscomantecon.com/2009/finalistas.html