Cryo is a virtual reality based photographic exhibition. The goal is to bring younger generations (used to gaming) to "visit" photographic or artistic exhibitions all around the world from their home. Cryo is made like a game but isn't a game. It is also standalone so you do not need internet to visit it. Anywhere on the planet you can consult Cryo, on your MAC or your PC. While many people do not own a powerfull enough computer I think such innovation is a bit ahead of it's time. It will be popular in the future when we will have the power to run high end VR on mobile devices such as phones or tablets.
I'm waiting you in CRYO to help you exploring more.
I can design any kind of architecture.
Technology inside Cryo is as advenced as I want.
Any ambience and style is possible.
Any kind of visual art work can be displayed and framed as I want. If someone can 3D scan and UV map a sculpture it can be displayed.
CRYO have a day/night cycle and real time weather system.