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    Advertising Campaign for the i Newspaper, to encourage it to become the most read newspaper among the student population.
Newspaper Advertising Campaign
i,is a branch of the newspaper giant, The Independent. It is a concise, cheaperversion of The Independent that costs only 20p, with all the content of thebroadsheet in the size and convenience of a tabloid.

The brief was to make i (The essential daily briefingfrom The Independent) the most read newspaper amongst students. The campaignwas to be set around a campus to engage new readers in the student community. Iwanted to emphasis that this paper was coined 'the essential daily briefing'and play on the fact that it was packed full of information, so I looked at itlike it was filling the missing part of the readers day.

I chose the jigsaw piece to play on that, I implementedthis is poster form, with supporting media based around the campus.

As you can see the jigsaw piece is made up of a QR code,this is to engage a social media aspect to the campaign. Once scanned byany smartphone, the user is taken to a Facebook group for the paper, wherehe or she can download a voucher to redeem at WHSmiths for a free copy of i.