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    Between Content and Container Emanuel Admassu Fall 2015 Rhode Island School of Design Collaborative project with Tai Shaw
This project addresses multiple scales and types of movement, within the site of Cathedral Square in Providence, and throughout and beyond the city itself. They range from urban scales of vehicular transit and pedestrian movement, down to the smallest, imperceivable scale of particle movement. The program of the proposal addresses these two extreme scales: scientific research facilities combining an Astronomy Observatory and a Neutrino Research Laboratory.
Science and public access share an enduring relationship of tension, one that questions abstraction, representation, and visualization. Circulating through the project's multitude of modes—offering different speeds and levels of visual engagement—encourages participation and temporary access into the realms of unseeable sciences and their contents.
This project shares Cathedral Square with 4 other proposals, all of which spatially and programmatically negotiate with their neighbors to simultaneously occupy and redefine the site and the city of Providence.