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    The main objective was to capture people with their diversities and how they become a unity. To achieve this I used shapes and vibrant colors tha… Read More
    The main objective was to capture people with their diversities and how they become a unity. To achieve this I used shapes and vibrant colors that blend harmoniously. Each one of us has grew up in different societies, thus formed a different character and values in life. Like shapes. Each one of us has his own temper, his own feelings and emotions, goodness and rancour. Passionate, balanced or unbalanced, nervous, ugly or beautiful, peaceful, egotistical, lazy, hard-workers, generous, tight, hateful or lovable, lonely. So many different characteristics, like the color table. Some of the patterns are strict, following a motif, some others are more playful, with small surprises messing up the strict motif. All vibrant colored because this is the human nature. Read Less
Few months ago I had the honor to collaborate with artist Puma Ptah and to design the cover of his new EP album named “In One Accord”.
Since then, I became one of his many admirers for his wonderful voice, the tunes in his music,
but mostly for the lyrics of his songs and the beautiful messages he conveys 
about life and today's societies. How we strive for superiority and segregation in one way or the other.
As Puma says "We have spoiled the exquisiteness in the differences of culture, and have corrupted religion and spirituality for insubstantial gains of power and money. "
His new EP is an attempt to remind himself and others of a fundamental sense of humanity.
Puma is also an exceptional photographer, speaking with his camera the same way he speaks with his lyrics. 
One of his songs that really captured my mind and soul is named ONE.
Here is one versus of it:
All ah we is One, all ah we is One
Including the moon and the stars and the sun
All ah we is One, all ah we is One
Manifestations of the Most High One.
Having in my mind the phrase “All ah we is One” and Puma Ptah's attempt,
I also attempted in my own way to express his words through this design.
The main objective was to capture people with their diversities and how they become a unity. 
To achieve this I used shapes and vibrant colors that blend harmoniously. 
Why shapes.
Each one of us has grew up in different societies, thus formed a different character and values in life.
Why vibrant colours.
Each one of us has his own temper, his own feelings and emotions, goodness and rancour. 
Passionate, balanced or unbalanced, nervous, ugly or beautiful, peaceful, egotistical, lazy, hard-workes, generous, tight, hateful or lovable, lonely. 
So many different characteristics, like the color table.

Why patterns.
We all follow a pattern of living.
Some of the patterns are strict, following a motif, 
some others are more playful, with small surprises. 
All vibrant colored because our lives is colorful. 
You may notice that some of the shapes and patterns flow withing their neighbor faces. 
This is what is really happening when we all live as a unity... 
Only then we understand each other better and can live in a harmoniously way.
The Palette.
I wanted to use a palette that would fit all my emotions together, like a rainbow. So, I used a little of all basic colors.
I hope you will enjoy the art and share it with friends. 
Before start watching the project, maybe you wish to also listen to the song that inspired me.

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