HarvestScape is a company born in Spokane, Washington that develops and implements solutions for local sustainable food systems. Their products include the HarvestScape Greenhouse, a high-quality greenhouse covered with a highly transparent, sustainable, and long-lasting film ideal for plant growth, and the HarvestScape Food Distribution Node, an upcycled shipping container-based system for the safe storage and distribution of sustainable foods. HarvestScape's goal is to help solve the local sustainable food distribution problem by delivering "smart" food distribution nodes that will empower stakeholders in the sustainable food movement. You can learn more about HarvestScape and their mission (and see their redesigned website) at harvestscape.com.
Our team was respondible for the complete branding, design, and production of HarvestScape's visual identity. Together, we worked with the founder of HarvestScape, Mike Hannum, to create a logo, business cards, website, product spec sheets, PDF newsletter, and brand guidelines to give his company's vision a unified look and feel.
Our team:
Kris Estacio
Monica Hoblin
Michelle Frantilla
Marina Gulova
HarvestScape Branding & Identity