MixedEmotions = Big Linked Data Platform for Emotional Analysis
MixedEmotions will develop innovative multilingual multi-modal Big Data analytics applications that will analyze a more complete emotional profile of user behavior using data from mixed input channels: multilingual text data sources, A/V signal input (multilingual speech, audio, video), social media (social network, comments), and structured data. Commercial applications (implemented as pilot projects) will be in Social TV, Brand Reputation Management and Call Centre Operations. Making sense of accumulated user interaction from different data sources, modalities and languages is challenging and has not yet been explored in fullness in an industrial context.
Working on this project, and as the named suggests, we started by desiging a corresponding logo for the project, we used the smiley face which represents emotions in text over the Internet, all of them are happy because I didn't want to have a negative gesture in the logo.
Colours came from the emotions heat map:
After many tries, the final logo was adopted:
After that, I did multiple designs for the project, such as some online graphics, presentations template, posters template, and a leaflet for the project:
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