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    A student menswear project that elevates the style of a casual hiker.
Journey By Foot
Every Man Needs an Adventure
Although I've given it the official title "Journey By Foot," I tend to refer to this project as Geek Chic Mountaineer; it's the first phrase that came to mind when I was coming up with the design concept but my teachers and I decided that it may not be the most professional of project titles.  This collection was done at the end of my junior year and was an opportunity for me to come up with my own concept and explore menswear for the first time.  I really enjoyed working with the classic men's silhouettes and adding a bit of my own flavor with some sweater knits and what are typically thought of as feminine colors.  I learned a lot about designing menswear and I had a lot of fun rendering the fairisle print, along with the other textured fabrics in my treatment story.  I actually developed the fairisle print myself and manipulated it from an existing sweater (shown below) along with hand-knitting a sweater knit that is meant to resemble shearling.  I'm really happy with the way my collection turned out and I hope that I can reference this concept for a future project.