Memories about snow
in miniatures
     After a relatively long break I finally "grow" to publish this few creations. Originally I wanted to wain until summer, but the man is weak. And snow melted enexpectingly fast. Somehow I used those "painting" things too much. The life around us doesn't need them to look nice and pretty. That is the thing.
     Of course, the main theme of this set is snow and nature. Just because snow is gone and nature is beautiful. Actually I love the first picture and it's been three weeks since it is my constant wallpaper.
     Yeah, everybody should find in himself something to love about :D
     The last one is typically containig myself (or parts of me). In this case it is mt hand. Needed to change it a bit, because on the original it looked like a zombie-hand. Or, actually, maybe I'm one of them...never know.)

     Hope you like it,
     That's not the end,