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    This project is an explanation step by step of an illustration I made for a team project with several good designers from around the world.
Here is the step by step view of my artwork for a project in collaboration with several good designers from around the world.
I hope you will enjoy my work
1 / Sketch
Adobe Photoshop CC - Cintiq 13HD

2 / Colorisation
Step by step
Adobe Illustrator CC - Cintiq 13HD

- Vector traces & First gradients -
- First Shadows -
- First lights of the two parts - 
- Eyes, 2nd layer of shadows and texturing -
- First layer of colored blurs -
- First layer of colored lights -
- 2nd layer of colored lights -
- 3rd layer of colored lights & tear -
And there is the final Artwork in full size

The whole colorization have been maked on Adobe Illustrator CC using Wacom Cintiq 13HD