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I watch , subTerrain gallery
1st year_ Architecture presenting mystery and discovery.
Now_ the desire to discover new and mystical phenomenon.
2nd year_ architecture giving power of ability. EnABLE.
Now_ Disabled society / cites. the finite defining you and your thinking, you. you . you. can i make you feel what i think i am. 
theory into building? social commentary into social revolution.
Resident StationMan
2nd year_ Platforms of expressions enAbLE 
Now_ revised DISabled city. Public intervention and FIRE.
LostBook Library.
2nd year_joy of the library, the hiding words
Now_ possibilities of technology, and architecture to direct/
its loose and messy and so untied.
why bother fixing ends when the beginnings become unraveled suddenly in the new facts of the moment.
the instability is causing motions. standing still is not possible, so these are here and my slice of this LAYER. 

flavour 3.55/pa