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Top 10 Reason to Learn AngularJS?

Executive Summary on  AngularJS
AngularJS is a client side JavaScript library of components that helps developers add structure to JavaScript code in Web applications. 
Angular.js includes a handful of building blocks that provide a distinct set of features, including:
Two way Bindings
View: A generalized collection of methods and the configuration for managing and manipulating the DOM, and for displaying data from Models and Collections. Views provide a well structured approach to using jQuery's DOM events, they allow easy rendering of HTML templates, and more.
Events: A minimal yet robust implementation of the observer design pattern for JavaScript objects. Events glue Angular.js applications together. Every object in Angular.js includes the Events system, allowing every Angular.js object to trigger events and handle them.
Router and History: A set of objects that manage the browser's history with URL hash fragments or HTML5's pushState technology. Routers and the History object allow an application state to be bookmarked or linked, reloading the page to exactly the place where it was left.
There are other small parts of Angular.js, still, that become important to understand if and when they need to be customized. For a high level overview and for most applications, though, these six objects are the most important.
Official Website for Angular 1
Offical Website for AngularJS 2
10 Reasons to Learn Angular.JS
Reason 1: Correct MVC Architecture
Reason 2: Data Models are POJO's
Reason 3: AngularJS Embraces ‘DD … Er, Testing
Reason 4: Lot of Available Jobs
Reason 5: AngularJS is google product and it is FREE.
Reason 6: Good collection of open source libraries
Reason 7: AngularJS Handles Dependencies
Reason 8: AngularJS Allows Developers to Express UI Declaratively and Reduce Side Effects
Reason 9: Behavior with directives
Reason 10: AngularJS enables parallel development
Angular.js training teaches experienced HTML and JavaScript developers how to design and structure web applications using the Angular.js MVVM framework.
All attendees must have extensive prior experience with HTML and JavaScript.
AngularJS Training in Chennai makes you to  implement a reactive client-side web application using Angular.js. 
Normally this Angular.js training class ratio is 50% hands-on, 50% lecture, with the longest lecture segments lasting for 60 minutes.
Additional Resources
Apart from Classroom AngularJS Course / AngularJS Online Course, there are a number of amazing resources out there for learning more about Angular.js and its capabilities, everything from books to blogs and videos. Here are some of my favorites and recommended resources.
Top 10 Reason to Learn AngularJS?

Top 10 Reason to Learn AngularJS?

Angular.JS Training


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