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    Fukushima Mon Amour is an audio/visual installation by SPECTRE made for Borderline Biennale 2011.
FUKUSHIMA MON AMOURan audio/visual installation by SPECTRE

Fukushima Mon Amour is an audio/visual installation made by SPECTRE for the Borderline Biennale 2011.
Stefano Moscardini drew the first draft of the concept, a Japanese flag representing an uranium atom, and then Enrico Viola wrote the software that projected the animated-light electrons, making them play like a sequencer. After that Stefano moved on designing the actual sounds of the installation, using traditional Japanese instruments following a traditional Japanese musical scale.
The installation was projected on a real white flag, representing the bridge between the ideal artistic creation and reality, but also the surrender-like situation of the disaster-ridden area of Fukushima.