Collected Cover Artworks
Cover artworks that I've done for different bands.

Relentless is our Strength
Client: Overhate
Job: Album cover artwork/ folder layout
Date: 2010
Digital painting/ photo manipulation in Photoshop
Layout in InDesign
Ruined NationsClient: Technikult of Flesh
Job: Cover artwork
Date: 2011
Digital painting
The idea is based upon the illustration of Adam and Eve in Milton's Paradise Lost. But in a modern version, where once again the humans are being deported, this time from the earth, that humans has destroyed due to their greed and lust. And the planet is being taken over by the machines.
Client: Achilla (contest work)="caption">Digital painting
First I just had the album title to go on when I started thinking about an idea for their cover. I was thinking that the crow is flying away with the time, for this I used the hands of the clock as symbolism, without them the clock will be timeless. I also had an idea of a picture where the crow would fly with it into a black-hole because there no time exist, but that wouldn't have looked so good.  Anyway when I talked with them about my idea and got the lyrics of this title song, it totally fit to my idea, so they ware very happy with it. Unfortunately this artwork didn't get picked in the end.
The moon paradeClient: LillithJob: Album cover artworkDate: 2010Pencil drawing/ digital painting