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    Props made for the movies and tv.
 At times the stars need to play with stuff on set and sometimes you just can't buy a figurine made of straw...  or a 2500 year old coin at the toy store.
 The following are examples of projects I've been involved with over the years.
                  Miniature dioramas for the museum(1/24 scale).  Sculpting commissioned and supervised by Atelier P+P for Warner Bros.  I did all the
                  sculpting/trims and built a bunch of stuff.  Fellow model makers:  Dan Harding, Andrew  Semple, Mark ____ (the molding and casting guy),
                  and Hesus ____.
TAKING LIVES  (Warner Bros.)
In his debut as a production designer on "Taking Lives", Tom Southwell was looking for a little something to add more mood and mystery to the show. A few decades ago he worked as an illustrator on "Blade Runner" and wanted something similar to those famous origami figures. Long story short, a friend and fellow model maker, Patrice Jacques recomended me for the job and so I made some straw figures.
An hour before the shoot, the lead actress (Anjolina Jolie) decided she wanted the figures to look more tortured and less "cute" and this is why some of the figures appear somewhat different in the film compared to the pictures here. It was a neat little gig that landed me the only title of this kind in movie history; It reads: "Straw Figurine Maker".
A video capture frame of Anjolina holding one of the figures.
The figures appear on the bottom right hand of the poster.
The production designer and director fedexed me a poster 
from L.A. with a personal thank you note(below).  
Apparently the figures had inspired the creative team
(title font, textures, palette... etc) and they made their cameo
on the official movie website as well.  
          "300" (Warner Bros.)
                                              The life size coin was sculpted with Green Stuff and the oversized coin (used for a close-up) was sculpted out of
                                              super-sculpey. Coins were molded and cast out of bronze with real gold highlights.   Designed/drawn by
                                              Brent Lambert and sculpted by me!  At Atelier P+P. [Also worked on shields, swords and some miniature SFX
                                              elements for Ronminiatures].  
                                                      A dandylion model made for an allergy med commercial. Materials include: Goose feathers, nylon  string,
                                                      sponge and modified bought leaves. The fluffy bulb part had to regain it's shape after being  flattened by
                                                      a foot stepping on it.  The first video shows the shop test before the models(2) were shipped  to Torontο.  
                                                      Comissioned by Atelier P+P for the Aerius commersial production.
     The test, before shipping.
The commercial.  The model appears at the end!
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