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Personal start up company case study on how the website was designed and evolved into Quazar!
Quazar Web Design - Case Study
Quazar is a small mobile web design studio located in Costa Rica. A small start-up company that rises to help clients launch successful mobile websites around the universe. My own project for 2012.

This page serves the purpose of some of the concepts that were not used and graphic art that was used in the process of the new and final design. A process of 6 months, from ideas.. empty canvas & many trials to finally make the website truly come to life and reach its max potential.  Hope you enjoy it.
I am a big fan of astronomy & space... I wanted to have something that could relate to space so that i could feel more inspired when i worked on my design. I decided to pick "QUASAR" a brilliant & powerful event that occurs in deep outer space. These quasars are so powerful yet they are formed by a Super Massive Black Hole. I fell in love with the idea and decided to approach this concept and called it "QUAZAR".
The initials ideas came along and with some persistance i managed to have a decent logo i initially thought was great! It represented exactly what a Quazar looked like. I decided to stick with this idea for several months while working on the concept designs which later down the road i felt it needed a total facelift.

I felt it needed some color! Yes many color variations had been done, but i was not very keen on a too colorful concept.. i wanted something related to space yet that it could transmit "FRESHNESS" or "MODERN" design .. so i tried going with some pale / white blues...

I even went back and started playing with a business card idea, which i thought i could do with some banana paper.. but honestly i felt i was getting too carried away from the initial concept! 
After several sketches & some rough ideas.. i designed a simple layout... My focus was to make something that would really let people know we built & design mobile apps. Yet i also felt the use of phones & cellphones was a bit over-used in the market. So i saved some elements and trashed this concept.

After fiddling around and thinking more in a UX perspective, i needed to reorganize the content and overall structure in a way i could display a bit more information about the company and perhaps some blogs & news. I felt quiet happy with this approach, but i went back and realized i did not want to look like a cellphone re-seller.. I needed to have some true personality.. and let people understand my brand.
I had finally come up with a way to avoid the generic phones consuming the real estate of my design, i opted to use a fun galaxy instead... Initially i thought this look awesome! But i realized this was just too "DISNEY".. I began to fear the logo itself was getting lost on the background.. I realized the logo was way to complexed and it was starting to look very unbalanced with the overall space theme. I wanted to simplify the logo and some how make the design a bit more user-friendly but with a much more MODERN look which i believe it was missing.
I needed some personality, some type of character that would represent something that could work well with the branding and help represent the formal & business side of my services without looking too cartoonish! It was very fun task to do!

If you notice, I adjusted the LOGO so it was a bit easier to find on the screen, it needed to really stand out. I managed to make it work but i was still not convinced by the complexity of it.. A new updated set of icons were designed to easily navigate through the site. A "User-Friendly" design was starting to appear just around the corner! And my new space trooper was hired immediately to portray the new "space persona" :) 
Then came the inside page designs, which i found really exciting and thrilling!  But.... again i was starting to get carried away.. Initially this design presented a big conflict with the navigation scheme and again The logo was not working, it was consuming too much space! I needed to clean this up.. I needed a new "LOGO".. something that can easily adapt and simplify the overall theme !

After lots of different options and trials.. I finally designed something i truly loved! SIMPLE .. CLEAN... STRONG...  & FLEXIBLE!!  The new logo was BORN!

A great success with the new design which was later prepared for MOBILE devices!!
Some final adjustment were needed to make typography bolder, better use of content & offcourse keeping our trooper visible somewhere within the page! Was finally ready to begin HTML5 Development!