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    Ring and necklace set
Dino ring and necklace
The concept of these pieces is based on the idea of something big and light and small and heavy.  I feel the laughter is big and light because it is such a necessary part of life and can have such an enormous impact, but still its a light subject, something that many people take for granted, something that one rarely has to think about.  For this idea I created the T-Rex ring.  Lets face it, the T-rex is hilarious.  Big giant scary animal with tiny arms that can barely serve any purpose.  i cast this ring in three pieces.  The arms were  cast separately and then riveted on so that they can move.  I created this hat by casting resin in an oomoo mold that I made.  The arms hold the hat on. 

Laughter is also small and heavy because even the smallest thing could completely change ones mood or the course of ones day.  For this, I created the necklace.  At first it appears to be just a standard turquoise pendent necklace, but when you turn it over it is a cameo of a T-rex.  I created this piece with many different techniques.  For the cameo I traced the shape of the turquoise and scanned it.  I imported the scan into Rhino to create the general shape of the cameo.  I then imported that CAD model into clay tools.  I had edited a photo of a toy T-rex and embossed that image onto the cameo.  I then milled the cameo in wax.  I then made and oomoo mold of the wax and cast the resin cameo that I used.  I them made a double sided bezel out of sterling silver for the turquoise and the cameo.  Finally I braided leather with a silver chain and created silver end caps for the leather and a silver s-hook clasp.