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    For the Roses Awards 2012
Stand Out
Original Music Campaign
With every release of a new song onto the music scene, a cover version, remix or sample version of that song is the released of that same song. This then causes confusion to the public as to where the song originated from and who the original artist was.

The ‘STAND OUT’ campaign uses the bright colours Yellow, Magenta and Cyan throughout, overlaying the three to create a fuzzy and distorted effect which represents this confusion whilst also enabling the campaign to ‘Stand out’ and grab the publics attention as they pass by.

The overlaying effect is used throughout the campaign as it is not only confusing but also memorable. This intention along with the strap-line; ‘Clear the confusion, listen to original music’ allows the message of the campaign to be taken in by the public.

On board two there is a moving poster application, whereby the logo is continuously scrolled by. The logo is enlarged so that only part of it is shown at a time, creating a flash of colour which is intended on catching the attention of public passing by.

Board three showcases a billboard poster campaign that lasts over a period of three weeks. Each week a new coloured word (describing original music) is overlayed onto the last to build up another eye-catching display.
The campaign does not set out to discredit unoriginal music, instead it chooses to showcase original music in a more positive way.