6 Reasons You Should Choose Juss Russ Digital Marketing
An Introduction to Juss Russ Digital Marketing 

In order to understand the capabilities and benefits of Juss Russ Digital Marketing you must know one thing. What is digital marketing and why should I be concerned about it. Well, before you read this entire post let's answer that question first. If you are an entrepreneur, content creator, dabble in the entertainment industry or are simply looking to get more exposure for your creative talents you should be very concerned with digital marketing.

One of the main reasons you should be concerned is because if you reached this message knowing you have read several resources and how to's looking to get your content or your products in front of real people and even beyond "real people," and actually getting it in front of a targeted audience - a digital marketing strategy is what your missing. Digital Marketing involves the targeted, measurable and interactive aspects of marketing a product or service online. What this basically means is that digital marketing is the skeleton for every successful marketing campaign online. 

Digital Marketing versus Promotion 

One may ask, well how are the efforts from digital marketing so effective versus promotional campaigns? This is a great question, most times it is because due to the lack of proper knowledge on the subject, when we host our own promotional campaigns we typically can only reach the people in our networks, most of which you typically gain at a personal level versus a business level. What we mean by that is, take for example someone who has (5000 Facebook Friends) this person has accrued much popularity but at the personal level. So what happens is, you begin promoting to this audience blindly. Meaning you reach a portion of your audience, but what do you know about this audience. What data are you looking at, what locations are you reaching? Digital Marketing is perfect for SoundCloud Promotion, YouTube Promotion, Spinrilla Promotion, Audiomack Promotion and Reverbnation Promotion.

What Do Digital Marketing Companies Do 

A digital marketing companies job is to not only host a successful promotion campaign, but to be able to analyze the data to get better results over time. A lot of this depends on your marketing foundation. This is something that goes overlooked during most promotion campaigns. An example of this occurs in most people's music marketing campaigns. In so many cases a musician will release a song on a platform like YouTube or Soundcloud, then hope to get a record deal or enough exposure to get signed. But, understand that labels look to sign artist who are "READY" for viral media campaigns. Meaning, the labels can virtually make anyone famous, what they want is artists who are ready to be famous. This means, artists who have the proper branding foundation. 

Most Musicians Fall Short Due To Lack Of Proper Digital Marketing

Example: A highly reputable representative for Warner Bros Music gave us this example. He says, in so many cases we see an artist with a game changing song, but then go to "google their name" or "search them on YouTube" or find them on social media, but can't find anything on them or we don't like what we see, which leads to fans not liking what they see. Most musicians with a good song are not even ready for a viral media campaign. It's not that we like it easy, but when there are so many competing artists who do have these things in place it makes the decision pretty easy, even if the established (branded artist) isn't "as good," as the artist with the better song.
How Does Your Google Resume Look
Have you heard of this new thing called your Google resume? Google is the most trusted website on the planet. With millions of people in different countries all over the world, what connects us all is Google. So with so many people in the world using this resource, it most definitely has to be of some concern to you as to how you can use it or make Google work for you and your company. The way to do this is with your Google resume. Your Google resume consists of the top ten resources that show up when you "search for your name or brand on Google."
See example below: look at the google resume that users looking for (Juss Russ (musician) see. This allows anyone who doesn't know or knew Juss Russ was an artist to be able to find more information regarding his music career. Further done, you will see the Google resume for (Juss Russ Digital Marketing (company).
We aren't going to spend too much time getting in depth about digital marketing and what strategies you should use, you can learn more about Juss Russ Digital Marketing and how we can help your brand by visiting the website. Hopefully our quick guide above will help you in better understanding why you need a professional approach for your creative work. 9 times out of 10 you will fall short if you don't have a strategic and effective marketing campaign.

So now let's take the time to shed light on what this post is about. Let's take a look at the six reasons you should choose Juss Russ Digital Marketing. 

1. Juss Russ Digital Marketing has over ten years of experience in "company-designed" techniques and strategies that have helped thousands of businesses and creators reach their business goals online.
2. One of the most interesting things about Juss Russ Digital Marketing is that it's a full service company which means not only can you get help with marketing your idea's but you can also get help in creating them. 
3. Juss Russ Digital Marketing builds websites, promotes music for musicians, builds brands, markets products and overall helps business grow.
4. Juss Russ Digital Marketing has become the most trused resource and leader in promotion for platforms like Soundcloud and Datpiff. 
5. Being that it's a digital marketing company not only do you get help with promotion, but you get a company that adds a competitive edge by incorporating techniques designed to analyze data and traffic in order to get even better results over time.
6. We are one of the few companies that understand the importance of a Google resume, how to build one and how it can bring success to your business. It is a necessary piece of the puzzle and will only grow in importance as we become more dependent as a species on resources like Google.
7. I know we said six, but one thing that can't go overlooked is the fact that Juss Russ Digital Marketing operates in good faith. The fact that they provide free consultation designed to help you make the right purchasing decision shows off their expertise and value. When you select a service by Juss Russ Digital Marketing, they don't prefer your money, they prefer your success.

Give yourself a better chance at success by getting help from Juss Russ Digital Marketing
6 Reasons You Should Choose Juss Russ Digital Marketing

6 Reasons You Should Choose Juss Russ Digital Marketing

Explore the top 6 reasons why you should choose Juss Russ Digital Marketing. Learn how Juss Russ Digital Marketing can help you.

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